Upload Your Own List


You will need a CSV file of your list with the following information:

  • Street Number
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Let’s get started.

1. Click on “Choose File” and then Upload.

Click on Choose File, select the CSV file you want to upload, then click Upload.

2. Map all the correct fields from your CSV.

Before mapping
After mapping

Make sure all your fields from your CSV file match up to the XpressDocs fields.

Click on View Another Address to quickly skim through your first few rows of addresses to make sure everything is mapped correctly.

Then click Next.

3. Confirm addresses look correct and name your list.

You will see all the addresses. Please look through and make sure nothing looks unusual.

Then name your list and click Approved.

4. Wait for XpressDocs’s address validation.

XpressDocs will now go through each address and confirm if it is valid or not. This many take about 60 seconds.

It will then give you a report of the total number of good addresses vs. bad addresses.

If you need to make changes, click on View/Edit List.

Once it is complete, click Finished.

5. Confirm that the list is in your Address Lists.

You should now see this new list in your XpressDocs account.

It’s now ready to be used in your order.