Demographics List Creation

A couple of things to keep in mind when you create a list using Demographics:

  1. You will be charged approx. $0.10 per address one-time, on top of what you pay for your mailer. This is because you are filtering by individual homeowner attributes, which is more complex to retrieve vs. just a home address only.
  2. You have to use this list in a new or existing order within 24 hours. Otherwise, it will be erased and you will have to do this over again.
  3. You will be charged for the list at the time of placing your order. It will show up as a line item on checkout.

If you do not want to pay for each address, an alternative solution is to use Realist Tax. Click here to see how to create a demographic-type list using Realist Tax.

Let’s get started.

1. Click “Demographics Lists.”

2. Choose Your Filter Options.

In this example, we want a list of homes that are valued at $300,000 and above.

Then click Next.

3. Confirm Your List Details.

Review the list options you just selected.

There are 2 options you need to review as well:

  • A one-time use list – if you plan on using this list one time (for example: Just Sold, Just Listed, etc)
  • A multi-use list – if you plan on using this list multiple times (for example: farming mailers)

In the next step, you will choose the frequency of your list usage.

Note about pricing:

The row labeled Price explains the cost per address. In the example above, a single-use list will cost $0.09 per address, and a multi-use list will cost $0.11 per address.

Click Next.

4. Choose Area.

You can choose to find homes around a specific address, or by zip code.

In this example, we will use the Zip Code option.

Click Next.

5. Enter The Central Address Or Zip Code

If you chose Distance around an address or Quantity around an address, you will enter that address in this step.

If you chose Zip Code, you will enter the desired zip code. You can enter one or multiple zip codes.

Once you enter your address or zip code, click Next.

6. Confirm The Quantity.

Confirm the number of homes you want to target.

Then click Next.

7. Choose “Single” or “Multi” List Use.

As mentioned in Step 3, here you will decide if you want to create a single-use or multiple-use list.

Make a selection and click Next.

8. Name Your List. Agree To T&C.

Name your list and agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click Approved.

9. Confirm That You See The List.

You should now see your list in your Agent Address Lists and choose it when placing your order.

If you don’t, you may not have saved and will need to start over.