Realist Tax: Creating a List

A couple of things to keep in mind when you create a list using Realist Tax:

  1. Addresses are not validated for mailing in Realist. Mailing validation is only handled by XpressDocs. This means you may end up with addresses that are listed as Do Not Deliver in your list, but you won’t know until you upload the list in XpressDocs.
  2. You are limited to 10,000 addresses exports per month.
  3. You are limited to 1,000 addresses per single export.

If you would rather make sure your addresses are validated, an alternative solution is to use XpressDocs’s List Creation options. Click here to see how to create lists in XpressDocs.

Let’s get started.


You will need to have access to an existing account

1. Go to Matrix MLS.

Inside your account, click on MLS in the left sidebar, then MLS Standard tab, then Matrix MLS.

2. Open Realist Tax.

Inside Matrix MLS, click on Public Records in the top menu and find Realist Tax.

3. Click on the My Search tab.

By default, the Realist dashboard opens the Quick Search tab. This is good for searching an individual listing, but we want a list of addresses.

Click on My Search tab instead to open advanced search filters.

4. Enter your search filters.

Enter the filters you want to search for.

In our example, we want to filter by 3 parameters:

  1. 77070 zip code
  2. Single-family homes only
  3. Valued over $300,000

Zip code field.

To filter by Single Family Homes only, click on the Select From List button under Land Use – CoreLogic:

Then check “Sfr” (for single family residence) and click on Apply.

To filter by the home’s value, find Total Assessed Value and enter the value range you want to filter for:

In the example above, we want homes over $300,000.

Once you’ve applied all your search filters, click Apply.

5. Click on Export Results.

When you receive the pop-up, click on Export Results.

Note: If your search has more than 1,000 results, you will get the alert above. Click on Export Results anyway.

6. Select the fields you want to export for each property.

Select all the different fields you want to export for each individual property.

We suggest starting with the following for mailing list export usage:

  • Owner First Name
  • Owner Last Name
  • Standardized House Number
  • Street Name
  • Street Suffix
  • House Unit Number
  • Property City
  • State
  • Zip Code

You also Save these fields as a preset so you don’t have to go back and choose them again.

Once you’re done selecting your fields, click Export.

Your computer will now download a CSV of your list.

7. Upload your list to XpressDocs.

The last step is to upload your list into XpressDocs for use in your mailing.

Click here to follow steps to upload your list into XpressDocs.