Saving An Order In XpressDocs

If you are placing an order for an agent, this step is important so that you can save the order details and return to place the order without having to redo the entire order.

If you do not need to return to the order in the future and are ready to place the order now, skip this step and move on to Placing The Order here.

Screenshot the total and send to Agent for approval.

We will need to send the amount to the Agent and have them approve the total order amount.

If the Agent has Marketing Credit available, we will need to also ask if they want to use their Marketing Credit or use the credit card on file in XpressDocs to place the order.

To check an Agent’s Marketing Credit amount, see this spreadsheet for the most up-to-date Marketing Credit amounts for each agent.

If you do not have access, please reach out to the Accounting Dept or Marketing Director to request access.

Save the order to the Cart.

Return to XpressDocs and click on Continue Shopping. This will save the order to the Cart associated with the Agent so that you can return to the Cart after the agent has approved the amount.

Once approved, return to XpressDocs and place the order.

Ordering Using Marketing Credit

Next Steps

Once you’ve created the order, you’ll move on to placing the order.