Placing An Order In XpressDocs

These are steps to place an existing order. If you need to create a new order first, click here to create a new order.

Open the order in Pending Orders.

Find the order you want to place and click on the Cart icon.

Verify the Billing Details are correct and proceed to Checkout.

Do one final check of all Order Details.

First, click on the “Order Details” tab to expand all order details. Make sure the list, the shipping option and amounts are all correct.

This is your final chance to review details before the order is placed.

Ensure you have a Credit Card selected to use for payment.

If the Agent is using Marketing Credit and you have already selected the Voucher option in the previous step:

  • You will not see the CC section appear at the bottom. This is ok. In this case, move on tot the next step to Complete Checkout.

If the Agent does not have a credit card on file:

  • You will need to reach out to them and ask them to add a credit card in their XpressDocs account before you can continue. If this is the case, click on Continue Shopping to save this order to the Cart and exit.

Complete Checkout and inform the Agent.

Click on Complete Checkout to complete the order.

Once complete, take a screenshot of the order confirmation and inform the agent and close out the task.