Choose Order Details and Save It

This is Step 3 in Creating an order in XpressDocs for the Agent Mailer Program.

Select Standard Mail Service.

First, you’ll choose the Use our Complete Mailing Service option on the first page here.

Then, on the following page, select Standard Mail, unless the Agent specifically requests First Class Mail.

Select the list that the Agent will mail to.

Ensure Gloss Coating is selected.

Gloss coating is important to prevent the ink from smearing during handling.

Under “Billing,” select “Pay By Credit or Debit Card.”

What if the Agent wants to use Marketing Credit?

If the Agent wants to use Marketing Credit, you will need to apply that credit amount in their XpressDocs account.

First, click on Continue Shopping to save this order to the Cart so that you can leave this page.

Next, click here to learn how to add credit to an Agent’s XpressDocs account and return to this page once complete.

After you have applied credit, go to My Orders > Pending Orders.

Search for the order you were working on and click on the Cart icon for that order.

Click on the Edit pencil icon, then click on Edit Billing in the dropdown menu.

Now you’ll see the Voucher option underneath billing with the amount that you added.

Check the Main Voucher option on.

Once you add the Voucher credit, you’ll see the Voucher amount deducted from the order total.

Save the order to the Cart or proceed to Checkout.

If you are not ready to place the order:

  • Click on Continue Shopping to save the order to the Cart and come back to it later.

If you are ready to place the order:

  • Click on Proceed to Checkout.

Next Steps

Once you’re ready to place the order, move on to the next step.